• Frost

  • Horse

  • Jellyfish

  • Life Through

  • Provenance

  • Birth

  • Chromaticity

  • Galore

  • Endless

  • Brain Freeze

  • Style It Out

  • Rallying Call

  • Silver Beetle

  • Neon Virtue

  • Blind Date

  • Who Drew Barrymore?

  • Exquisite Deeds

  • Style It Out

  • Amerikarma

  • Secret Echo Chamber

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Unique, beautiful and provocative art created using original photography and inspired by some fantastic new music

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Original music videos, experimental motion art and creative edits for new music produced in the micro studio

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Finding wonderful subjects from life and the world around us are the cornerstone of creative art and photography

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Searched, scoured and sourced, all the best new music which inspires creativity and recommended here for you


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See something you like, need to promote your music or project, or just have something to contribute? We are always looking to collaborate with fellow artists and musicians who share a desire for creativity, the unusual and great art. Please feel free to get in touch, we would love to talk with you…

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